Behemoth Burger $15
A big ol’ beef patty topped with BBQ sauce, bacon, cheddar, smoked pulled pork, red onions, havarti, & more BBQ sauce (in that order) on brioche!

Minnesota Burger $12
American cheese, bacon, romaine lettuce, tomato, dill pickles, & 1,000 island dressing.

* Black Bean Chipotle Burger $12
Served with Pepperjack cheese, lettuce, tomato, and avocado Ranch. *Vegetarian

BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger $11
Sharp cheddar, thick cut bacon & BBQ sauce on a toasted bun.

Hot Ranch Burger $11
Hot-sauce infused patty with thick cut bacon, pepper jack, ranch & sriracha mayo.

Jalapeno & Havarti Burger $10
Sweet and spicy jalapeños find a happy medium with havarti cheese & sour cream.

‘Shroom & Swiss Burger $10
Sautéed mushrooms & onions smothered with swiss.

Just a Plain Cheeseburger $9
For those who like to keep it simple…and kids!

The "Classic" Burger $10
Grilled Onion, American Cheese, Pickles, Mayo, Ketchup, Mustard